Agricultural Security Area
Agricultural Security
Area Board

David Brown
Harold Burgert
Robert Kopfer
Cindy Stump
James Schoellkopf

Supervisor Representative
to the Board:  Joe
Ruderrow III
The Maidencreek Township Agricultural Security Area is open for
enrollment between August 1st and August 31st every year.  
Contact the Township Office for an enrollment form.
The Agricultural Security Area program began in 1981
as a tool for strengthening and protecting agriculture
in Pennsylvania.  Farm landowners, working together,
initiate the process of establishing such Areas in
which agriculture is the primary activity.  Participating
farmers are entitled to special consideration from
local and state government agencies, and other
“nuisance” challenges, thus encouraging the
continuing use of the land for productive agricultural

Agricultural security areas are intended to promote
more permanent and viable farming operations over
the long term by strengthening the farming
community's sense of security in land use and the
right to farm. Agricultural security areas are created by
local municipalities in cooperation with individual
landowners who agree to collectively place at least
250 acres in an agricultural security area.

  1. Noncontiguous farm parcels must be at least 10 acres in size. The farm tracts
    needed to create a new 250 acre or larger agricultural security area do not have
    to be under the same ownership or even be located in the same municipality.
    The Agricultural Area Security Law (Act 43 of 1981) allows for the creation of joint
    municipality agricultural security areas.
  2. The property should be viable agricultural land. Cropland, pasture, and woodland
    can all be included in an agricultural security area.
  3. At least 50% of the land should be in Soil Capability Classes I-IV, as defined by
    the county soil survey.
  4. The property must be zoned to permit agricultural uses.