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Source Water Protection &
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The Willow Creek Restoration Project

Maidencreek Township, along with
volunteers, have constructed various
habitat structures with hardwood logs and
stone in a 1.2 mile stretch of the Willow
Creek.  1800 native trees and bushes
were planted along the stream bank.  The
Project, which was paid for in part by
grants from the US Fish and Wildlife
Service, The Schuylkill River Restoration
Fund and the PA Fish Commission Adopt
A Stream Program, will enhance habitat
for aquatic organisms, vegetate six acres
of riparian habitat, improve water quality
and reduce flooding, and develop
recreational fishing opportunities.  The
Township would like to thank all the
volunteers and organizations that made
this project possible, John Buzzer and PA
Fish Commission, Larry Lloyd and the
Berks Conservancy, the Fleetwood High
School Outdoor Club, the Fleetwood
Middle School, The Maidencreek
Watershed Association, Maidencreek
Park and Recreation Board, and Trout

What's next....
Installation of educational signs and trail
Installation of bat boxes and bird houses
Reading Area Water Authority Source Water Protection Program

Lake Ontelaunee provides drinking water to 125,000 people in and
around the City of Reading.   Even though the water that Maidencreek
Township residents drink does not come from Lake Ontelaunee, the
Township is in the Lake Ontelaunee Watershed.   Source water
protection is a community effort and everyone's responsibility to keep
pollutants out of the streams and groundwater.  

What you can do to help:
Dispose of used motor oil at a garage that will recycle it.  Never pour
used motor oil on the ground or down a storm sewer.

Take oil based paint, varnish, and other chemicals to the Berks County
collection days.

Minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides on your lawn.

Pump out your septic system at least once every three to four years.

Do not dump swimming pool water into a stream or storm drain.  Wait
until the chlorine diminishes and then direct the water onto the grass.

To the left are links to important tips on how to deal with potential
contaminates like prescription drugs, septic systems and household
hazardous waste.  Maidencreek Township is committed to improving the
quality of our streams and groundwater and helping to protect our
water supply for future generations.



2016 MS4 Report

Public Education and Outreach

Public Involvement and
Participation Plan

2018 Progress Report
Swimming Pool Water Discharge Guidelines