1 Quarry Road, Blandon, PA 19510
PO Box 319, Blandon, PA 19510
Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 8am - 4pm
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August Meetings 2017

August 2 Planning Comm 7pm

August 10 Board of Supervisors

ugust 9 Park and Rec 7pm

ugust 17 Authority 5pm

The above meetings are held at
1 Quarry Road, Blandon

The meeting below is held at 37
Ontelaunee Drive, Reading

ugust 14 Police Comm 11am
held at Ontelaunee Twp building

Township Open Record Policy
Record Request Form
PA Opens Record Office

Maidencreek Township Open
Records Officer Contact

Open Records Officer
Diane Hollenbach
phone 610-926-4920

Requests for records may be
submitted by:

mail:  PO Box 319, Blandon, PA
- or -
email: maidentwp@gmail.com
- or -
fax 610-926-6314

Pennsylvania Office of Open
Appeals may be filed with:

Mailing Address:        
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone
400 North Street, 4th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

Phone: 717-346-9903
Fax: 717-425-5343
Maidencreek Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
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Berks County Commissioners
Christian Y. Leinbach, Mark C. Scott
and Kevin S. Barnhardt

PA Senate District 29 -
David Argall

PA 5th Legislative District -
Barry Jozwiak

6th Congressional District -
Ryan Costello

US Senators for Pennsylvania
Robert Casey Jr.
Pat Toomey

Township News
Contact the Township
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PHONE:  610-926-4920
FAX:  610-926-6314
Township PSD CODE
is 060702
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2017 Township Holiday

New Year's Day             Jan. 2

Good Friday                 April 14

Memorial Day                May 29

Independence Day         July 4

Labor Day                      Sept. 4

Thanksgiving Day        Nov. 23

Black Friday                 Nov. 24

Christmas Holiday       Dec. 22
Dec. 25

New Year's Holiday     Dec. 29
Board of Supervisors
Meeting Agenda and
Please advise that PennDot will be
performing road work on Rt. 662 and SR
1010 (Park Road) through Fleetwood
Borough starting in March 2016.
Attached below is a detour route that will
bring traffic through Maidencreek

Detour Map

Spotted Lanternfly Pest Alert
Ag Security Enrollment Application
Gypsy Moth
Adopted March 27th 2017

Zoning Ordinance


Zoning Ordinance Hearing
Official Transcript
Summer Discount
Tickets Have Arrived
Northern Berks EMS
The County of Berks Department of
Emergency Services is pleased to
announce the roll out of a new
upgraded Berks Alert mass notification
During serious emergencies, public
safety officials will release information
by using the BERKS ALERT program.
The message will then be delivered to
the devices that are registered in the
system. While the most important
messaging, such as that related to
disaster response actions, will be sent
to any device registered, individuals
participating in the system may also
“opt-in” to certain other categories
about which they desire notifications.
These categories include severe
weather watches, amber alerts, road
closures, and general community news.
When an individual registers for this
service, they will be prompted to enter
their home address and the address of
other locations of interest (such as a
child’s day care center, school, or a
place of business). Alerts that are
appropriate to these locations of
interest will then be sent to the
subscriber’s registered device(s).
Get local alerts about emergencies,
severe weather, and road closures on
your cell or email. When situations
arise in Berks County that may affect
you and your family, Berks Alert lets
local officials notify you quickly.

!!!!!!REGISTER NOW!!!!!

To register, go to
select,  select register now and follow
the subscriber registration instructions
provided for you on the Berks Alert
Should you have any questions or
need assistance registering, please
contact the berks alert team at
berksalert@countyofberks.com or by
calling 610-374-4800.
Strategy to Address TMDL's in the Lake Ontelaunee
and a Pollutant Reduction Plan for the Willow Creek

Maidencreek Township, Berks County will make
application to PADEP for a National Pollution
Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Municipal
Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit
renewal for storm water discharges from small MS4s.  
The Notice of Intent (NOI) contains the Total Maximum
Daily Load (TMDL) Strategy for the Lake Ontelaunee
Watershed, which describes proposed measures to be
taken to address impaired surface waters within the
designated Urbanized Area for the Township.  The
Township is proposing public education and outreach
as its principal Best Management Practice in an effort
to reduce waste loads to the lake.  The NOI also
contains a Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) for the
Willow Creek.  The PRP addresses nutrients in the
Willow Creek by converting an agricultural field into a
natural meadow with periodic mowing and maintaining
an established vegetative buffer within the Willow
Creek corridor.

The Strategy is available for public review at the
Municipal Building, 1 Quarry Road, Blandon, PA
19510 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Copies may be
obtained for a fee.  Written comments from the public
will be accepted for a period of thirty (30) days from
the date of this public notice and at the Board of
Supervisors regular public meeting on August 10,