Zoning and Permits

Code Corner

  • Friendly Advice from the Code Office - Systems Design Engineering, Inc. 610-916-8500
  • Always remember the 4P's - Proper Planning Prevents Problems.
  • Are you thinking of building or installing a new Deck? Shed? Pool? Paving?
  • Then, let us help you!! We have certified staff to assist you in understanding the Codes and rules that apply to any home improvement project.
  • First, plan your project.
  • Once you have planned the project itself (size, material, budget), then you need to plan for permits and inspections. The only person who can legally tell you what is needed of your project is the Code Officer, Matt Davenport.
  • Secondly, once your project is planned, contact us for help!
  • We are here to help you understand the requirements.
  • Once permits are issued, be sure to follow through on them.
  • Instructions printed on the permit will tell you when inspections are required and who to call for those inspections.